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What do all shooters want?

Free Ammo - Ammunition costs keep going up and up, but your paycheck is about the same. Wouldn’t it be nice to save your ammunition and still be able to get quality practice time. At our Digital Shooting Range you can practice as often as you want without spending a dime on ammo! An added bonus is the accuracy of our digital ammunition is greater then any       ammunition you can buy!

Free Targets – Targets must be replaced every time you shoot and targets are heavy thus making replacement shipping costs expensive. What if you could create your own target and shoot on it again and again without having to replace it? This is possible with our shooting simulator.

Free Scoring
– Scoring is time consuming and requires special gauges per caliber to accurately score your targets. What if you could have the shot accurately scored instantly in real time. This is now possible at our digital shooting range.

Free Analysis
– Many times we make the same mistakes over and over again and never see or know why we do not improve.
What if you could actually graphically see what was happening immediately before and after you shoot. This is now possible with our electronic shooting simulator.
Safety – Shooting is fun but live ammunition can be dangerous if it or the gun is not handled properly. What if you could eliminate the worry of an accident and enjoy shooting even with young and inexperienced shooters. This is now possible with our digital shooting simulator.